Washington, DC, USA

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We at Kaiju Management understand that time is limited during the day. We are here to make it easier for you to function without having to stress with day to day tasks. With our plans you will get the results that you need for the month that you book. 


We are different from any other personal concierge services in the market. Instead of paying for the price for one individual, you will have a team that will tackle on the task you need to accomplish. This way you will get faster and more reliable results. 

Here are the services that we provide (limited to tiers):


  • Alteration pickup/delivery

  • Bank deposits

  • Bill/Tax payment runs

  • Car services (wash/detail, oil change, or repair)

  • Charitable donation drop-offs

  • Courier service

  • DMV/Car tab renewals

  • Dry cleaning & laundry pickup/delivery

  • Duplicate key pickup/delivery

  • DVD/video/film/library book pickup/return

  • Emergency item delivery

  • Event ticket pickup/delivery

  • Eyeglass pickup/delivery

  • Flower pickup/delivery

  • Forgotten items delivery (school/work/home)

  • Gift pickup/delivery

  • Meal pickup/delivery

  • Pet supplies

  • Pharmacy pickup/delivery

  • Post office/Fed Ex/DHL/UPS runs

  • Relocation/moving errands

  • Shoe repair pickup/delivery

  • Tailor pickup/delivery

  • Travel document pickup/delivery

  • Watch and jewelry repair pickup/delivery

  • Bakery

  • Books

  • Drugstore runs

  • Event supplies

  • Farmer's Market

  • Garden center

  • Gift exchange/return

  • Gift/personal shopping

  • Greeting cards

  • Grocery shopping

  • Line waiting (tickets, early-bird specials)

  • Liquor/wine/beer shopping

  • Locate hard-to-find items

  • Office supply stores

  • Dentist

  • Golf

  • Home delivery or repair

  • Medical

  • Restaurant

  • Spa/salon

  • Tennis

  • Transportation arrangements

  • Vacation accommodations

  • Make reservations

  • Handwrite invitations, thank-you cards, and envelopes

  • Shop for gifts and supplies

  • Wrapping service

  • Research and reserve meeting space, caterers, rental decor, entertainment

  • Coordinate speakers

  • Locate florists and photographers

  • Recommend dress shops and stationers

  • Arrange hotel reservations

  • Home and office organization

  • Contractor quotes

  • Packing/Unpacking

  • Pet waste pickup

  • Lawn care

  • Snow removal

  • Gardening

  • Light housekeeping

  • Stock your fridge for vacation return

  • Find a personal chef

  • Corporate gift giving

  • Event planning

  • On-site concierge services

  • Off-site private group dining arrangements

  • Gift wrapping

  • In-home waiting for deliveries/repair

  • House sitting/security check/vacation services

  • Internet research/information services

  • Product and vendor referrals

  • Resume services

  • Proofreading and editing

  • Itinerary planning

  • Party planning

  • Dog walking

  • Wedding proposal planning

  • Family visit coordination

  • New mom services

  • New home services

  • Locate a personal trainer

  • Map & direction assistance

  • Community resources

Artist Concierge and management

At Kaiju Management, we strive for the best in all of our artist. We are different than any other concierge service since we only focus on artist. We also beat all other competitors as well due to the fact that we are here to help you. Our luxury service will help all artist become who they really want to be if its visual or audio. Our service are great for:



  • Recording artist

  • DJ/ Disk Jockey

  • Audio authors

  • Musicians

  • Painters

  • Modern artist

  • Photographers

  • Models

  • Actors and Actresses

  • Content personalities (social media, YouTube, etc)


And anything that is related to art.    


If you are seeking management please fill out the inquiry below:




One Time Payment

We offer services that you pay per booking instead of hourly. We have professional agents, editors, and consultants to help you with your goals in life. We will work with you around your time to give you the best quality of service. 


Video Production: Want to become the next YouTube sensation? Need help with video editing? Do you seek help to be creative? We will work with you to perfect your craft. We offer video editing and recording and audio editing and recording. We will match you with the best editor to turn your vision into a reality. 



Photography: We are connected with the best photographers in the area. Some of their works are seen in National Geographic, Smithsonian, and other sources. Finding a photographer can be very expensive, but at Kaiju Management, its affordable and you can take as many within one whole day!