Washington, DC, USA

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Tier Investment

Investing your money can be stressful. We want to make it easier for you to invest in what you already have, instead of getting a loan and being rejected by the lenders. Your money will go to the online business that you want to pursue. Our team will work with you to make your e-commerce thrive and succeed. Instead of having yourself or an individual managing your business, you will have a team who will construct, maintain, and follow up with your sales. 

How we can help

Do not be discouraged on your dream! We will walk you step by step on how we can target what your selling. Just because you don't see a high demand on your item or services, doesn't mean that you won't be making money. We will analyze all possible outcomes when it come to your business, or propose you a different idea if theres no positive feedback from our resources. If theres no ideas, or theres a high risk, we can target and market different niches in the market. Basically we will find you different ways to make money on your business.  

How we communicate 

We will communicate with you on the phone, SMS, video call, and emails. You will have a team with you from 9 to 5pm, managing your site and sales. Once you book, you will be added in our contact system. If you need to contact us after work hours, we will provide you with a service number after you book your tier.