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Want to learn how you can put an end to Procrastination? Watch or read below to get started.

Hey, my name is Alvin, and I recently I read a case study that details the most dangerous trait to people who want to be successful.


You guessed it, procrastination is the number one cause of personal and professional failure above a hefty list of common traits. 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to this very same trait.    


Want to fight back?


If I told you that there was a solution and that you could try it for free would you jump at the chance? 

"For less than the cost of lunch per day, you can have a personal assistant"

People have lost homes, cars, loved ones, and their life due to procrastination in the workplace.


Today more than ever procrastination claims the young and old alike. When was the last time you found your self suck behind someone in traffic who was checking their phone at a green light?


The driver knows that they should not touch their phone while driving. Why do they continue the behavior? Humans are programmed seek the quick reward no matter the cost.


Sure you could pay your car note now but..... you can do it when you get home. Two weeks later the bank has sent you one of those embarrassing letters. This can be avoided even in a world with so many distractions. For less than the cost of lunch per day, you can have a personal assistant. 

for everything, even "People are using Kaiju MGT work-related tasks."

Our members don't have to worry about bills, they just don't. Your phone can suck you into another world for hours at a time with things like YouTube and Netflix. 


Your phone can also change your life forever. It simple and yet so powerful that we have limited our members in the past due to extended use of our services. 


People are using Kaiju MGT for everything, even work-related tasks. If you need to be reminded of something at a date and time that works for you, then you simply send us a text and our team will remind you at the specified date and time. 


Our team will even hold you to your goals and tasks with a specific tone you select up to and including forceful and strong words. 

"Our data shows that the boot camp method works. If you fail to get something done we will not let you do it more than once." 

Now, the military has practiced the boot camp method for years and it produces some of the most disciplined men and women in the world.    


Our team will not be your friend or sidekick. We force results out of you no matter your profession. We can come off as more of a parent when it comes to getting you to get things done. 


We are in your purse, backpack, and pocket all day. You can't turn us off or run away from your goals. ​​


Want to get started today? Use the below link for a free trial.


Some of the advantages of being a Kaiju MGT Premier Member are. 

  • Being held accountable for laziness

  • Positive pressure to keep striving for the best  

  • Hours that are shaped for your time zone. 

  • And much more...

We have members who are CEOs, Judges, Military, Managers, Teachers, and Students. 


Our team works from 9 to 5 in your time zone for as little as $97 a month. 


Need reminders and helpful interaction regarding your goals and tasks on the weekend and outside the hours of 9 to 5? Consider becoming a GOLD or PLATINUMmember. Try free for one week with the link below. We can only handle so many members and slots are limited.